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Update your own website!

I develop websites in such a way that it will be very easy for you to add new content yourself, images as well as text. Included in the price is a short course on how to do that.

One website for every screen-size!

Everyday more people use their smartphone or tablet to navigate the web. Therefore its very important to have a website thats adepts automaticly to the platform where it is shown. All websites I create are "responsive". Small, medium or large screens; your website will look good on all devices.

Websites for small companies

I specialize in websites for small companies. As the owner of a small ecological hotel myself, I understand perfectly the need to be present on the internet but without spending too much money and time on a website. I create small high quality websites for a small price.

SEO - Search engine optimalization

In order to be found on the web, its important that search engines like google return your page as a search result. It takes time and tecnical knowledge as well as high valued content to get a high ranking. I can help you with that and teach you how you can keep working on a higher ranking yourself.